Writing Wednesday: A fun vlogger

I went poking around on YouTube the other day and found myself a vlogger there who I have enjoyed so far. We don’t agree on everything, but that’s fine with me. Her writing advice is solid.

I love her sarcastic wit, her playfulness, and how expressive her face is! I mean, there’s expressive, and then there’s “This person’s face could launch a thousand emojis!”

So who is this wonderful person? Her name is Jenna Moreci.

I’m interested in her also because she has made a real go of being an indie author. If I can set myself up for the kind of success she’s having, I’d never look at trad pub again, honestly. Yes, being indie is a lot of work. So is trad pub. Face it, trad pub won’t be spending the big bucks on advertising my books. I’m new and not a guaranteed return on investment.

Go and check out what she has to say. You might not want to have any food or drink on hand though. I almost gave my monitor a shower a few times!

Also, I want to extend an invitation. I’m open to having guest bloggers here, and in newsletter swaps.

If you’re a fiction author who can share successful tips, a mental health blogger who has insight into ways to navigate difficult situations, an editor who can steer hopeful authors away from pitfalls, or someone who has insight into indie or traditional publishing, send me an email. Let’s see if we can help one another.

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