Writing Wednesday: After Almost a Year Away…

I looked back at the last Wednesday post, chuckled at the one about distracted writing, and then spent the past hour trying to figure out how to get an update put together for you folks. I think I’m just going to have to go in sections. I’ll lose myself if I don’t!

Half-Life of a Soul:

The first book is now wholly and officially in beta! I’m excited. The initial draft was hard to write well enough to make the story as good as it needs to be. I even hired someone to read the opening chapters and give feedback. Once I got it, I finished the draft with the new perspectives in place and then revised the entire thing. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it! So far, the feedback has been pretty positive, and once I have all of it, I’ll do another sweep and send it off to the editor.

The second book is being drafted while the beta team does their thing with the first book. I’m to see faster progress there as my recovery continues. I’d love nothing more than to get back to churning out a few thousand words a day and having them be good. All things with time. Part of learning to accept my limits and work within them!

Also, no, I don’t have titles for the books yet. Despite what you see on the blog, I’m terrible at titles for my stories! I’ll figure out something neat that links them all together once the series is finished.


I planned and began a series of inspirational short stories for trans-gendered teens. I interviewed several trans-people in my area, and they were each very excited about my idea. However, the response from transgender communities online was less than enthusiastic. Responses can basically be summed up as, “You can’t write about this because you’re not transgender; this is appropriation.”

As a result, the entire project is on a complete hold while I consider whether my good intentions (provide some hope to kids who face more criticism and hostility about their identity than any human should ever have to face) are manifesting correctly in this endeavor.

It’s hard for me, to be perfectly honest, to want to provide support and encouragement but be told I’m not allowed to give it in the way that I’m best suited. At the same time, the idea is to be an ally, not an eyesore. For the moment, I’ve removed the project from my line-up.


The Command Center is relaunched! The first new installment of my monthly update went out on Feb. 14. I revised the two free stories, using things I’ve learned about writing in the three or four years since I first wrote them, and those are now being sent out exclusively to people who sign up!

If you’re not already subscribed, you can expect a monthly update on writing projects, my personal life, and occasional guest posts by other authors. I’ve also added a segment on what I’m reading. Sometimes I go back and read older stories, sometimes I find something new. Please note, I’m not doing book reviews, just sharing what I have going and my thoughts about it.

Salvation Triad:

I stumbled into a couple Discord servers and have picked up new fans. I’m screaming in my heart over this! I even read the trilogy (finally)! There was so much I forgot about it since I released the last book, and I absolutely enjoyed it! How often do you hear an author say that about their own work? I did, though. I laughed, giggled, groaned, held my breath, felt my heart get stabbed, and just enjoyed the heck out of it. Most recently, I got the play by play reactions from a new reader. It was the best weekend in ages! She read all three books and would just send a message when something happened and she had a reaction.

Seriously, if you leave book reviews anywhere, you need to just pour your heart out. Don’t worry about sounding “extra.” We authors LOVE that kind of stuff! Let the people who get paid to write reviews be stodgy. Show us what’s happening to your heart and mind! It’s writer food!

I’ve been discussing with my editor about revising it and re-releasing it. I’ve learned things about writing I didn’t know, and that first book was a self-edit/friend-edit because I had no way in the world to afford editing at the time. The big questions are when to do it, as my plate is a bit full right now, and whether to give up on the “romantic suspense” and go straight to “adult content.” Who knows what will happen there!

Facebook and Twitter

I’ve also relaunched my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Feel free to follow, share, retweet, and of course, respond. I love being able to interact with the people who read my work! I generally respond same-day, but I try to respond quickly. It all depends on how busy I am at any given moment. I promise I will reply, though!

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