Therapy Tuesday: Gestalt Therapy – Part 3 – Similarity

Since it has been a while, here are the previous posts about Gestalt Therapy.

Therapy Tuesday: Gestalt Therapy – Part 1

Therapy Tuesday: Gestalt Therapy – Part 2 – Proximity

Similarity is the second principle of perception you’ll find yourself using if you work with a Gestalt therapist.

When I last posted about Gestalt Therapy, I reviewed the concept of proximity. You may recall, this first set is about how we perceive the world and the patterns our minds sort things into.

Following that same train of thought, we perceive things and link them based on similarity. If you see eight different felines, your mind is less likely to list out the breed and color of each instead of simply saying, “Oh, kitties!” (Proximity to cats can reduce brain function, approach with care.)

Other examples are:

  • Cars being grouped by type or color
  • Types of stores
  • Tools (whether as a whole or broken into screwdrivers, drill bits, etc.)

Again, this is how we perceive the world around us. It is also how, later in this set, I’ll explain how these things work to keep us trapped in our past and give us the power to break free of it.

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