An Imminent Return

I’m sorry I disappeared on everyone again. I have been down with covid/post-covid issues since last March. It has been a very long year with not much progress aside from staying alive.

That said, I’m finally in the final stages of recovery. I go back to my day job soon, and I’ve been able to start writing again. I’m working on getting everything ready to relaunch in February. By everything, I mean regular updates here again, starting up the newsletter, bringing the Facebook and Twitter feeds back online, and working on the writing again. It feels great to be able to think again!

The series I’m writing, “Half-Life of a Soul,” is still underway. The first book is in beta finally, and the second one is started. I only have about half a chapter on the second one, but right now, I’ll claim every step forward! The response from the beta team right now is very promising. This revision still needs some tweaking, but it’s mostly small things to clarify how this new world operates.

I’ll still be using the format here that I was using before. For newcomers or those who’ve forgotten while I was away, that was:

  • Soothing Sunday: Self-soothing practices to defuse stress and anxiety.
  • Motivational Monday: Motivation to get you started on the workweek.
  • Therapy Tuesday: An ongoing review of various therapy types.
  • Writing Wednesday: Updates on my writing and helpful information about writing.
  • Top Skills Thursday: Skills for managing your anxiety over time.
  • Freeform Friday: Anything goes, but generally a safe trip through the wanderings of my mind.
  • Self-Care Saturday: A day to do something for yourself and recharge your batteries.

I’ve missed keeping up these posts, and I look forward to interacting with everyone again!

If you haven’t already signed up for the newsletter, please do. You’ll get to download two short stories from me, for free. I do not sell or share newsletter contacts and I only send out messages once a month. Subscribers get special insights I don’t share anywhere else, so don’t miss out!

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