Freeform Friday: Whoops?

Well, I didn’t intend to leave everyone hanging for the past week. I sort of fell into writing and well, we won’t discuss the disaster in my house as a result. I clearly still need an adult when I get into writing. Anyone wanna be my nanny?

The great news is, I’ve reorganized a bit of the opening of the first book in the Half-Life series, done a ton of revisions and upgrades to the language and word choice I use in it, and I’m now pleased with what I have. It will need additional edits but the foundation is ready to build and I have the plans for where everything will go next.

The less great news is I vanished from the entire internet of things, absolutely spaced that I didn’t have new posts for this blog, didn’t clean, didn’t eat right, and effectively fell into my groove with such abandon that I think my animals are mad at me now. *insert lol face here*

I’m going to get things updated today, before I allow myself to go back to writing on the book again. Next week is going to be busy. Nothing on the table is individually huge, but there are a lot of small things to do. Medical appointments to be made (almost a year since the stroke, time to make sure I’m doing as well as I think I am), car stuff, etc. Then there’s shifting furniture around to make room for the extended work from home through the end of year. When the pandemic hit, I set up for a short-term work from home solution. Welp, this is no longer short term.

I was looking at moving to a larger space because of working from home, but it’s just such a rough time in the economy that I simply can’t right now. So, reorganize it is! I can always look forward to a larger space when things are less tumultuous and I can do it without stressing that another hit to the economy will land me in the unemployment lines or otherwise compromised so that I end up with my housing at risk.

Lots of little things, plus readily falling into my writer-cave-brain means I better get some posts ready for everyone! Stay tuned!!!

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