Soothing Sunday: Savor a Meal

Yes, we all eat at some point. But isn’t that the thing about meals? It’s easy to just sort of rush through them. Either eating quickly or, doing what I’m guilty of doing on a fairly often basis, eating while doing other things, isn’t allowing ourselves the opportunity to get into the meal before us.

For this soothing practice, cook or order a favorite meal. When it’s time to eat, here’s what to do.

Set a table. Yes, all the utensils, the salt and pepper shakers, all of it. Make it look fancy. If you have a candle, light it. You deserve it, I promise.

While you eat, you can have some music playing quietly if you like, but no TV, no phone, etc. All you’re going to do is eat.

With each bite, let the flavors fill your senses. What seasoning do you taste? What textures do you notice?

For the duration of this meal, all you are to do is lose yourself to the act of enjoying a meal.

My experience is that I not only enjoy the meal far more than at other times, but I fill up on less food. I also feel satisfied for longer after eating.

Bonus: you might also get some mental breathing room!

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