Writing Wednesday: Distracted Writer!

Yep, I’m distracted. I’m making progress, but my brain is inundated with new ideas for writing projects outside of the one I’m focusing on! It’s both a good problem to have, and a stumbling block.

When I write, I “hear” the voices of the characters and “see” the scenes playing out. Right now, this is how that looks:

Lauren and Caleb are doing research on how to find a home for her soul.

Brain: What is it about abandoned buildings that draws us in? Why do we seek the places where people once lived and worked, where they celebrated and wept, gave birth and died? Do we seek out ghosts in hopes of feeling a connection, or are we looking for the missing parts of ourselves? What instinct tells us we will find either among peeling wallpaper and rotting timbers?

Me: Excuse us, brain, but we’re trying to have a story over here.

Brain: Perhaps we only wish to see what will become of ourselves and our treasured spaces when we are gone, to grasp the temporal nature of our lives and world in a tangible way.

Lauren: That’s really annoying. Do you mind?

Caleb: I agree. Could you keep the volume down? We have to do this work and you’re interrupting us.

Me: If I could dump my brain into a jar and still write for you two, I would. I promise, I would.

In the meantime, I’m saving these notes about abandoned buildings. It’ll come in handy someday, I’m sure. I thought about pausing the writing and finding something to read. It didn’t help.

Brain: Books stand sentinel amid cobwebs and peeling paint, once vibrant covers now spotted with mold.

Lauren: She’s hopeless. Can we go somewhere else?

Caleb: Unfortunately, no.

Me: Help?

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