Writing Wednesday: “Half-Life of a Soul” Update!

Skipping over the bleh that I’ve been under…

I’ve managed to complete 9 chapters of the Half-Life series. I have NO idea what I’ll call the individual books yet. I’ll figure that out when I get them done.

So, at this point, I’ve got Lauren in the afterlife. She’s had a chance to say goodbye to her life, find out what the half-life is, settle into her new home in Elysium, and she and Caleb are actively pursuing solutions to the stack of problems before them.

I wish there was an easy way to move them through the next part of the story. There’s such a horrible betrayal coming. I mean, I love these characters. Lauren and Caleb are just so tangible to me, and I can’t wait to introduce them to the world. Still, my attachment to them can’t stop the story they’ve brought me.

Betrayal it is.

I’m totally going to need a drink after this.


I really didn’t abandon the “just for fun” story. I’m going to pick it back up, I just have to give myself time to rebuild my “normal life.” Getting myself out of the funk and onto the tracks I’m used to running at mach speed is going to take a minute. As soon as I’m ready to plug that story back in and start sending out chapters again, I’ll send out word!

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