Pause on the funny for today.

There’s some developments out here today. Mostly that I’m showing symptoms, but still can’t get tested because I don’t have a fever. Yet, the place where I was exposed is an apartment complex, where people live who go to the VA hospital for care, where there was a confirmed case in a healthcare worker a week ago.

Trying to figure out what to do. REALLY angry about the way testing is being handled in New Mexico. REALLY angry about doctors who want to tell everyone it’s allergies.

Guess what, healthcare workers, I know you’re overworked right now, and I appreciate what you’re doing being out there at a time like this. However, if someone has allergies, then someone else isn’t going to have the same allergies about 4 days later, with the exact same onset and symptoms. Get on this shit, please.

I ended up laying in bed, hiding under the blankets yesterday because I couldn’t stop crying. I wasn’t wailing or anything, just laying there, scared and shedding a bunch of tears. I have health issues, three of which make me high risk. I just had surgery.

I don’t want to die from this thing, but it could kill me.

I don’t want to lose my friends or family.  I don’t want my friends losing their people either.

I’m scared. Just straight up, I am afraid.

So yeah, I don’t have the funny today.  I did find this, which may at least provide some distraction for everyone.

Please be safe out there everyone. Please take care of yourselves. Please tell me you’re okay.



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