Writing Wednesday: Getting back into it?

It took four months for me to get back to a place where I was physically capable of writing again. I’ve been dying to write the entire time. Now that I can, I spend more time staring at a blank page than I do actually writing.

I’m told to give myself some room to finish healing and getting myself back to being at my normal physical level, but I don’t want to! I want to write!! Lauren and Caleb have their story to tell. Jason and Lily have had a first date and are wondering if I’m going to finish telling about how they got together. I also have a new story that I’ve decided to share with a limited few as I won’t be editing or even proofreading it – it’s just a fun side thing to dabble at.

It’s so easy to tell others, “Be patient, be gentle with yourself, don’t push yourself too hard, take care of your health before you do other things…” It’s not so easy to do it when the stories practically scream in your sleep and then fall silent when you’re awake! (I’m sure other writers know this feeling!)

I have managed to vomit out a draft of the next chapter in Half-Life and I am also revamping some points in Jason’s Story so I can transition it over to the erotica genre properly. (Can’t just go old school romance to erotica without shifting things around a bit!) It is progress, but man, I’m used to kicking out an entire 100k word novel in 6 months and being ready to go to press a couple weeks later! I still need to go get a couple interviews knocked out before I can write more on Plus/Minus too. Gah!  I just want a cable I can plug into my head and download everything with. It would be so much faster to get these stories done!

Sadly, the conversion to cyborg has only begun. Two discs replaced, a bunch more to go. Then there’s other joints, organs, and so on. Guess I’ll have to keep writing the old fashioned way?

In all seriousness, perhaps it’s time to practice what I preach? Let myself have those naps and rest breaks until my body can handle the demands of longer writing stints, and my mind isn’t muddled with muscle relaxers and pain meds?

I don’t see myself actually doing that… I see myself still fighting to break free and let the stories possess me again. Someone should probably just come over and sit on me until I’m healed from that surgery.




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