Motivational Monday: Do Not Stop!


Ever want to stop just because it feels like you’re getting absolutely nowhere? I know I sure have. I’ve heard others describe the same feeling, too.

It doesn’t matter what project you’re focused on completing or what goal you’re trying to reach, there will always be a time when it feels like you’re not getting anywhere. Going to college for a degree? Yep, you’ll feel like you’ve been in school forever x2 and hate the thought of ANOTHER class or ANOTHER semester. Trying to get to a new position with your company? You betcha, you’ll hate having to interview more than once, trying to come up with examples that show you know what to do in the new position and have the skill they need, and all the rest. It might (and in fact in many cases will) take longer than you hope. Writing a book? Well, I’ve written three so far and oh my god yes that feeling happens, at least once per book.

Then there’s the whole comparison game, where you look at other people and make yourself feel bad. If you know that I wrote and released my first novel in 6 months, including editing and beta reading, will you feel bad that you took 12 months on yours? What if I told you I feel like a slacker because so many authors release a book every 30 days?

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to finish what you’re working on. It matters that you don’t give up or stop. Beautiful things take time. Strong, lasting things take time. So even if you haven’t done that thing you were doing in a long time, even if it has been years since you did, do it. Even a little progress is movement forward, and don’t give up!

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