Soothing Sunday: Music

Every Sunday I’m going to share something soothing.

The chaos of the weekend may still be racing around us like a horde of crack-laden hamsters, and the new work week is looming over us with a chilling grin. If any of us are stressed, anxious, exhausted at the mere thought of another day, or just grumpy because the weekend is over, a moment to self-soothe is perfect.

What I’ll share for this week isn’t necessarily what’ll be soothing for you, but music really works crazy charms on me. There are songs that will soothe me when I am angry, energized too much to rest, sad, stressed, or any mood at all. Music is just amazing and powerful stuff.

I’ll listen to almost anything. My playlists have even been called schizophrenic because they range from house music to folk music to classical and more. When I really need a completely soothing moment though, there’s a song I go back to every time.

Kitaro: Theme from Silk Road

This song is just so amazingly soothing for me. It is 7:50 long, but it’s worth sealing yourself in the laundry room, bathroom, or other place the family doesn’t usually venture. Put on some headphones and just listen. Don’t sing, dance, do other work, or anything but listen.

If this isn’t your vibe, remember that there is a LOT of music in the world. Give yourself the 5-10 minutes to immerse yourself in one song and escape the world for just that long. You deserve it, and your mind and body will thank you for the break.


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