Pre-Orders Are Open!

Pre-orders for Claiming Salvation, the final installment of the Salvation Triad, are now open!

***Orders from here on out go to support NAMI, a great mental health advocacy charity. 75% of Royalties paid to me will be donated. I don’t have an end date on this, but I do have a goal of $500. Here’s the breakdown on that.***

Escaping Paradise

ebook: $2.99 Royalty paid: $2.04 DONATION: $1.53

paperback: $11.00 Royalty paid: $2.87 DONATION: $2.15

Chasing Freedom

ebook: $2.99 Royalty paid: $2.04 DONATION: $1.53

paperback: 10.95 (it’s a few pages shorter than the first) Royalty paid: $2.84 DONATION: $2.13

Claiming Salvation

ebook: $3.50 (longer book!) Royalty paid: $2.45 DONATION: $1.83

paperback (available July 30): $12.00 Royalty paid: (expected) $3.12 DONATION: $2.34

(Note: the remaining 25% will be used to pay taxes)

I’d really like to hit $500 by the end of the year. Here’s how that can happen:

avg ebook donation: $1.63 = 102 full sets sold

avg paperback donation: $2.21 = 76 full sets sold

Or, of course, any combo of that. Please consider joining with me to support mental health awareness, legislation to protect the rights of the mentally ill, train professionals, and provide services for the disadvantaged and #EndTheStigma!

I’ll be posting monthly updates after pre-orders close and also at the end of each month from now to December 31! Donation will be sent in March of 2020 due to a 60 day delay in royalty payments to authors.

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