December update!

I did it.  By the skin of my teeth and with more help from my beta team than I ever dreamed of asking for!  (Seriously, ladies, I’d have been so far behind without you!)

But I launched Chasing Freedom on December 4th, as promised.

Lesson learned: Do not announce release dates when you’ve only written the first half.  THINGS will happen!

Despite the crush at the end, I was proud to see that Escaping Paradise rocketed up to #23 (genre: Romance/Erotica) in the UK and Chasing Freedom LAUNCHED at #64.  I was so excited when I saw the results that I screamed, and then forgot how to breathe!

I had planned to take a month off from writing, just to give myself a chance to relax, enjoy the holidays, wrap up school work, and not end up feeling like I was completely over the Salvation Triad before I finish it.  I… well, I apparently SUCK at taking time off.  I made it two weeks and went back to it.  I am currently working on the draft for Chapter 2, and it’s almost done.  At least I’m enjoying the writing again, and that’s the important part!

I have my new beta team assembled, though the book won’t start going through Beta until February.  The five who were with me on Chasing Freedom, one from the original Escaping Paradise, and two new readers are going to be working on Claiming Salvation.  I’m crazy excited about this team.  Every person on it is someone who has high standards in reading material, and who has read LOTS of other stories.  I can’t wait for their feedback to help me turn out the stunning climax to this series that I know I can do.

Also, starting in January, I’ll be running a monthly newsletter.  If you’re interested in subscribing, just click the link!  I’ll have exclusive insights into the characters and the backstories behind them, as well as plans for my next series.  There will be interviews with other authors, artists, and creative people as well!

And of course, everyone should know by now that I love my contests and giveaways.  There will be contests for the newsletter subscribers only!  So, be sure to sign up soon!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and even if you aren’t spending it with family… find a good movie, a hot drink, and a cozy blanket.  Turn off the phone and give yourself a couple of hours of peace and relaxation.  It’s okay… you’re allowed to.


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