Catching up!

I’ve been insanely busy this month!  I had the interview on the 3rd, and since then I’ve been racing along on Chasing Freedom.  The beta readers have sent in feedback for the first 8 chapters and those changes are in.  They’ll be getting chapters 9 and 10 tonight.

I’ve written through to chapter 15.  The story takes some giant leaps away from the original version of Salvation and in the next few chapters, someone will die.  I don’t want to be one of “those authors” that kills everyone, but this one actually needs to happen.

I’ve opened up a fan club as a place to just hang out and have fun. I’m sharing fun bits as the story progresses, as well!

To celebrate the opening of the club and share my excitement about the progress on Chasing Freedom, I’m giving away a gift basket filled with all sorts of goodies for Halloween.  If you want to enter, just join the club before 9/30/18!  There’s techy gadgets, art supplies, and Halloween stuff to win!  If there are over 50 people in the group by 9/30/18, I’ll send out two baskets, and yes, I will ship internationally!


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