Signed Copies of Escaping Paradise!

Want a signed copy of Escaping Paradise but don’t live local?

Here’s how to get one!
1) Order a copy and ship it to:
Kambry Ellis
PO Box 93173
Albuquerque, NM 87199

2) Go to my Ko-Fi ( and drop the payment for shipping from Albuquerque, NM to you. If you want to drop anything extra there, that’s great too! Any excess from Ko-Fi is earmarked for marketing costs only. (International shipping is fine.)

3) Email me at with your address and the tracking number so I know which copy is yours. Tell me what you want written if you want more than just a signature. FOR YOUR SAFETY DO NOT SHARE YOUR ADDRESS ON KO-FI!

4) I’ll respond to let you know that I have your message, when your book arrives, and when I ship it to you I’ll send along a tracking number as well.

**Shipping may take up to one week after receipt due to work hours and post office hours not playing nicely.

But what if you already have a copy and want it signed? Send it over. I’ll sign it and send it back using the same process.

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