Escaping Paradise Character Review: Joshua Smith

As the head of security for Allied Futures, Joshua Smith is startled when Alyssa walks through the secured door and into a meeting for the charity group.  He still sets his cautions aside and keeps her around long enough to find out the information he needs to know.

At Michael’s request, Joshua monitors Alyssa’s information, watching for ties to whoever got into their secured servers.  He doesn’t find anything suspicious about her, and they stay in touch via text messages, where he delights in mildly inappropriate flirting just enough to leave Alyssa flustered more often than not.

What Joshua doesn’t know is that Alyssa is about to bring information to him that will turn his entire world on end.

Joshua is a prankster, but a brilliant young man.  At 25, he has more secrets than any other member of Allied Futures except Ian.


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